About Anodimex a plating and finishing company in Tijuana



Matrix in U.S.A. Limon's Metal Finishing established in 1970 the branch ANODIMEX

Established in 1980 with 30 years experience of being approved by TRW Grumman, United Technology in Mexico by Aerodesing,  Meade Instruments, Cubic, South Co., Zodiac AeroSpace.




Our Quality Certificate

In ANODIMEX we are committed to customer satisfaction by meeting the requirements of quality of our services and punctual delivery.

While continual improvement implemented ensuring the effectiveness of each of our processes.

We monitor and comply with our quality objectives by implementing the international standard ISO 9001:2008.

In an environment of security and development for our employees.


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For more information, contact us:

Mex (664)969.9634

USA (619)906.8412

Alexi Bermudez, Ph: (664)263.1965 

7 A.M. A 5 P.M. Monday to Friday

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